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I was reading yesterday twinsarein's post about her anniversary in the sv fandom and then I was remembering how I've found this that time I was reading a "Brokeback Mountain" (wonderful movie!!) slash fanfic and while I was wandering in the lj it was posted I found the recs link where there were some sv fanfics links...well,I never thought about smallville main caracters as a pairing for slash fanfic but I was bored and I've had some time to spend reading so "why not?"...It was almost two years ago and I'm still here reading clex fanfics :)

I think it's time to put in my lj some links for my favourite Brokeback Mountain fanfics though.
Unfortunately most of the best of them aren't online anymore or are locked so I've posted only those you still can find and read.
(please note that I've left the comments of the authors in the introduction of the fics for your own sake as my ability at summaries sucks!!)

Panels of the Dream: Brokeback Mountain Stories by haunted_by_bbm
haunted_by_bbm's fics are the first slash fanfics I've ever read.
In her main page you can find the links for:

Missing Motel Moments (Complete):
Rating: NC-17 for the story as a whole.

Pairing: Ennis/Jack

This story is a simple little canon-based ‘add–in' fiction,
my take on what could have happened in the
motel room at the time of the four year reunion.
Pine Creek (Complete):
Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Ennis/Jack

This story is a simple little ‘add–in' fiction,
my take on what could have happened
up in the mountains, after the Siesta Motel,
at the time of their four-year reunion.

“Pine Creek” picks up exactly where
“Missing Motel Moments” left off.
Warmest Week of the Year (Complete):
Rating: NC-17 for the story as a whole

Pairing: Ennis/Jack

This story is another one of my canon ‘add-ins.’
“Warmest Week of the year” picks up after “Pine Creek,” in May 1968.
There isn’t a reference to 1968 in the book or the film.
So, this story is entirely pulled out of my crazy mind. ;)
This Land Is Your Land (Complete - 39 chapters)
Authors: lolitaray(Ennis) and planetgal471(Jack)
Rating: NC17
Summary: Ennis is a high-school drop-out giving it a final go. Jack is an enigmatic history teacher. This is a modern-day AU!AU. In this story, POVs are intermingled. Hopefully this is not too confusing to the readers.
Warnings: The story within contains adult themes, including but not limited to: explicit m/m sex, teacher/student relationships involving the high school level, cursing, and descriptions of violence, including sexual violence. This has been written for fun, but we understand that not everyone may enjoy it. Just scroll past!

my note: You had to read it!!!! Trust me, this fanfic is wonderful!! There is a sequel but it's still locked,I hope the authors will put it online soon!!
Zero at the Bone
a "Brokeback Mountain" fanfiction by Mad Lori
(Complete - 31 chapters)
Pairing: Jack/Ennis, AU!AU
Rating: NC17 for the story, but not for awhile
Summary: Surgeon Jack Twist is a wanted man after witnessing a murder, and reluctant hitman D is blackmailed into killing him. When his conscience doesn't allow him to carry out the hit, Jack and D become unlikely allies on the run from the law and the lawless.
Wiser Time by fridayblues (Complete - 19 chapters)
Pairing : Ennis/Jack / Rating : PG-13 - NC-17
Disclaimer : Ennis Del Mar, Jack Twist and all original characters from Brokeback Mountain belong to the legendary Annie Proulx. I made this story up, no money involved whatsoever. 'Wiser Time' is a track from the Black Crowes, my fav band, released back in 1994.
Summary : Due to unexpected incidents, Ennis and Jack were to put themselves in each other shoes.

You & Me & a Dog Named Flea by fridayblues (Complete - 25 chapters)
Pairing : Ennis/Jack / Rating : nothing harmful.
Disclaimer : Annie Prouxl owns the timeless characters in BBM. I'm writing from love and making no profit.
Summary : AU!AU set in San Francisco ; Jack Twist had a chance encounter with a veterinarian one day, didn’t know the shy vet, and his black and white terrier, would have a permanent place in his heart.

Once Was Lost by booklovergirl
(Complete - 36 chapters )
Pairing: Ennis/Jack
Rating: NC-17 for the whole story
Disclaimer: Ennis and Jack belong to Annie Proulx. I make no money off this. Any OCs are mine.
Summary: The cowboys get reacquainted.

Fire and Ice by booklovergirl (Complete -35 chapters )
Pairing: Ennis/Jack

Setting: AU/AU

Rating: NC-17 for the whole story

Disclaimer: The characters of Ennis and Jack belong to the fabulously talented Annie Proulx. No disrespect is intended. Any OCs are mine.

Summary: Ennis del Mar is a defenseman and Jack Twist a left wing on a minor-league hockey team who meet when Ennis is assigned to Jack’s team.
Ride the Wind by bcatjr (Complete - 27 chapters)
Synopsis: An AU!AU of Biker!Ennis and Biker!Jack taking place in Sturgis, South Dakota during the bike rally.
Rating: Overall NC-17 for language and smex.
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